That's sweet

YES, many of us welcomed the sugar tax that led to the makers of Irn-Bru reducing the sugar content of their drink. But as Amna, whose dad runs a local store in Glasgow, was telling friends yesterday: "My favourite thing is being told that folk are going into my dad's shop asking if he's got any of the 'good stuff in the back' because they heard he still has some old-recipe Irn-Bru kicking about."

A turn-on

OUR picture of the warning sign about not putting bags of popcorn below the automatic hand-dryer in a cinema toilet reminds Celia Dearing: "I was in the ladies at the old Dumfries and Galloway Hospital, and as there was no shelf I rested my handbag in a sink. The motion-activated tap came on pouring water into my bag. Mod cons, huh!"

Fruity reply

TALKING of hospitals, a reader tells us he was recovering after an operation in one such establishment, and when a cheery nurse passed his bed and saw the piece of fruit a visitor had brought him, she chirped: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." He couldn't stop himself from replying: "That's true! It's been three days since my op and I've not seen a doctor since."

Audience reaction

ANNA Morris, from the Channel 4 comedy show Lee & Dean, is bringing her one-woman show Bitchelors to the Stand comedy club in Glasgow next Wednesday. Anna tells us: "Last time I did my show in Edinburgh, a group of ten hens descended on the 3pm show. The bride-to-be was so inebriated she passed out and I had to stop the show so that, in character as a terrifying Scouse business-woman, I could check she was still alive. She was ... just. They had to carry her out. Still, I hope she had an excellent wedding and comes back this year."

On a roll

MANAGING teenagers, continued. A Bearsden reader emails: "I'm rejoicing at my son today putting on a new roll of toilet paper in the downstairs loo for the very first time. He's nearly 20."

Wood you believe it

SAYS Martin Morrison in Lochinver: "A friend of mine is forever 'doing things' in and around his home, particularly stuff involving wood. He's very handy, but a bit obsessive if you ask me. I asked him why he had replaced his front door three times in five years and he said, 'Well, it gets me out the house'."

Wild rover

OUR tale of hiding the price of items you bought from your spouse reminds Bruce Skvington: "When I was publisher of Land Rover Enthusiast, there was also Land Rover Owner, Land Rover World and Land Rover Monthly. My wife was renewing someone's subscription and noticed it was his work address. When she remarked on this he explained, 'I get the Enthusiast sent to my work, the monthly sent to my golf club, Land Rover World to my friend and LRO to the house. That way my wife thinks I only buy one'."

It's an age thing

WE mentioned the fall-out between veteran striker Kenny Miller and Rangers Football Club. Those who find amusement in the baiting of Rangers fans by Celtic supporters about whether Rangers is a new club, will appreciate the comment by Celtic fan Patrick McGuire who declares: "Kenny Miller needs to learn that no one man is bigger than the club. Older, certainly, but not bigger."

Mountain to climb

TODAY'S piece of daftness comes from a Glasgow reader who phones to tell us: "I built a model of Mount Everest to pass the time. A friend asked me if it was to scale. I told him no, it was just to look at."