Being Chic

NEVER knew so many readers had bumped into the legendary Chic Murray. Says musical Roy Gullane: “An erstwhile band member had met Chic and jokingly invited him to his stag night. The great man very graciously accepted the invitation. We spotted him waiting at the bar and our groom-to-be approached him with a hearty, ‘Chic. Chic. We’re over here.’ The great man turned towards us and without batting an eye began to shout through the crowded bar, ‘Where were you with the fast car? I was standing there like an idiot with the money!’’’

Making a crust

NO idea why, but someone has decreed that it is British Sandwich Week. We wonder if there is a better-named sandwich shop than the one a reader spotted in Bondi, Sydney, entitled How the Focaccia?

Anyway, Duncan Cameron once told us of being on a trade mission in New York where a Glaswegian in the party went into a deli for a sandwich and the New Yorker behind the counter went into overdrive listing all the available breads. When he finally finished his litany of rye, wholemeal, bagel, ciabatta and so on, she replied: “Jist whatever you’ve got open, son.’’

Going down

IT seems a shame that Patrick Thistle were relegated at the weekend, in the last game of the season.

A reader passes on a conversation between two Rangers fans in Glasgow about a pal who supports Thistle, with one of them declaring: “He seems OK. Thought he would be upset about the Jags but like most of their fans he just went and put on a Glasgow Warriors rugby top and proclaimed he’s not even into football.”

And down in England Alistair Coleman mused: “I can’t believe Chelsea are celebrating winning the FA Cup by holding a flower show. Normal teams have an open-top bus tour.”

Her only ring

A GLASGOW reader tells us she bumped into an old friend who was single and asked her if she was seeing someone. Her pal replied: “Put it this way, my mobile phone has its own side of the bed.”

On a high

MEETING someone famous, continued. Says Ada Mcdonald: “My daughter, granddaughter and I had a week’s vacation in New York several years ago. We did all the usual sight-seeing including going up the Empire State building to the viewing level.

The floor was crowded and we were about to leave when I saw actor Robbie Coltrane. As fellow Scots I thought we should at least say hello but daughter and granddaughter were not for it. However I promised to keep it short, kept my word and said to him, ‘It’s a far cry from Buchanan Drive, Rutherglen, isn’t it?’ before heading for the elevator. I sometimes wonder what the poor man thought.”

In a scrape

TODAY’S piece of daftness comes from Gary Delaney who declared: “My house is haunted by the ghost of Britain’s first ever dental hygienist. English Heritage keep putting up plaques in her honour, and then every six months she removes them.”

Power drugs

WHAT’S happening in politics? Kenny Reid gets in touch to tell us: “With all the uncertainty over Brexit, the Windrush fiasco, and the recent resignation of Amber Rudd, I had been wondering what’s going on in London.

“This morning, it’s become clearer. Dr Roy Robertson, Scottish Government adviser on drug policy was on the Scottish news bulletin during BBC Breakfast and ended his piece with, ‘I think at the moment the Westminster Government is in an appalling state on drugs’. So there we have it.”