ONE wonders why we need to ask people’s opinions on satisfaction with bus punctuality (“Bus cuts eave us marooned, say residents in rural areas”, The Herald, March 7).

Punctuality is a matter of fact, not opinion. We are able to access information on train, plane and ferry punctuality, so why not buses?

The bus companies have this information after each journey, so why not make it available? This would strengthen the case for bus companies in their arguments that delays are causing curtailments and cancellations.

Given the £250 million of public subsidy the Scottish Government gives to the bus companies, it’s not too much to ask. I strongly suspect most passengers assume that, if a bus is due at a particular time, say 1pm, and one appears, they assume it is on time when it could one that is late. Also, many use the real-time information at bus stops so if one is due in five minutes and it appears in five minutes, the assumption is that it is on time when, again, it could be early or late.

Dougie McKerrell,

39, flat 6, Braid Square,