I AGREE wholeheartedly with Bill Brown’s letter regarding the spread of Gaelic into the Lowlands, in particular the Gaelicisation of Scottish station names and wonder what is the point. Ruglin (for example) will always be Ruglin, irrespective of the An Ruadn Ghleann signage.

I would also like to thank him for enhancing my knowledge of Gaelic with the words for fire engine and would similarly like to offer the translation of motorbike, which I understand to be ya-ma-ha.

Ian Craig,

Lethame Road, Strathaven.

BILL Brown asserts that the increased use of Gaelic translations of the names of public bodies such as the police is the result of the machinations of the SNP Government. This is a fallacy. These changes have arisen under the Gaelic Language Act, passed with all-party support under the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition.

Kenneth Fraser,

Winram Place, St Andrews.