Demand on a special advice service for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens in Scotland nearly doubled in the month of the deadline for settled status applications, according to new figures.

The EU Citizens Support Service (EUCSS), run by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) had more people accessing its support last month than the previous two combined.
In April there were 448 people accessing the EUCSS which increased to 545 in May and 1,075 in June.

CAS has compared the figures to the total numbers requiring immigration advice from their network, which are 627 in April, 776 in May and 1,410 in June.

EUCSS manager Hamish Fraser said: "We knew the demand for advice would increase as the deadline for the settlement scheme grew closer, and were pleased to be able to help so many people get their applications in.

"Now the deadline has passed, we are still here to help.

"People can still apply for settled status.

"So the EUCSS remains open to help people make their application.

"Like all Citizens Advice services, the EUCSS is free, confidential and impartial.
"You can get our advice by calling us free on 0800 916 9847 or emailing"