NICOLA Sturgeon has taken a swipe at Boris Johnson over the Prime Minister's reported comments about over 80s dying from coronavirus

The First Minister insisted nobody "should be glib or complacent about human life" and said any leader who doesn't take their responsibilities seriously "should be asking themselves questions about whether they are fit for office".

It comes after Dominic Cummings claimed Mr Johnson was reluctant to tighten Covid restrictions as cases were rising last autumn because he thought people dying from the virus were “essentially all over 80”. 

Ms Sturgeon was asked whether the alleged comments should be a resignation matter during a Scottish Government coronavirus briefing.

She said: "I don't know what Boris Johnson said or didn't say in relation to the allegations from Dominic Cummings, so it's probably not appropriate for me to really comment in detail on that – other than to say two things, I suppose. 

"Firstly, nobody – and certainly nobody in a position like mine or Boris Johnson's – should be glib or complacent about human life, whether that's the human life of a child, a young adult or an older adult. 

"Human life is human life, and as decision-makers, I think it has been a heavy responsibility on all of our shoulders to try to take decisions that we recognise cannot save every person from this virus, but that minimise the impact of it, taking account of the restrictions that are in place as well...

"I think any leader who doesn't take that seriously should be asking themselves questions about whether they are fit for office. 

"But I don't know what Boris Johnson's comment there were, so I'm not going to go further."

Ms Sturgeon said the Prime Minister "appeared to be reluctant" to impose new restrictions last autumn. 

However, she said she had been a critic of Mr Cummings in the past, adding: "So I'm not going to suddenly now decide that he speaks gospel on everything. 

"I would be a bit sceptical about some of what he is saying."