HeraldScotland: IN years to come it will be a question in a pub quiz, assuming we still have pubs then. If not there, then a starter for ten on University Challenge (nothing short of global thermonuclear war will stop UC). Here goes: “What did the Covid-19 era acronym FACTS stand for?”

We’ve certainly watched enough of those public information ads to know by now. Giant letters sidling up to people to remind them to F: wear a face covering; A: avoid crowded places; C: clean hands; T: keep a two metre distance; S: self-isolate if you have the virus. 

The message has now been retired, ostensibly because the rules have changed - two metres have become one - but in large part because few people could work out what FACTS meant. For some, its greatest value lay in being different to Downing Street’s message. 

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