Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has said it's advertising campaign with GB News has "now ended" after it was heavily criticised for running adverts on Nigel Farage's show on the TV channel. 

Customers started complaining about Sainsbury's after activist group Led By Donkeys targeted them for their advertising spends with GB News

Campaigners put up billboards and also went to the company's headquaters as it asked it to justify "why it pays Nigel Farage’s salary by advertising on his TV show". 

Controversy has surrounded Farage's show after he made comments about the RNLI and their work rescuing migrants. 

He compared the RNLI to a “taxi service for illegal trafficking gangs”. 

It's drawn criticism from the public and politicians including Nicola Sturgeon, prompting a surge in donations for the lifeboat charity. 

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Lead By Donkey's tweeted: "After a couple of billboards, an advan at their HQ, more than 2.5 million views on films, and escalating pressure, Sainsbury’s did the right thing. (This tweet is careful corporate speak for “we’ve stopped now”).

"Huge thanks to everyone who contacted @sainsburys, to the volunteers at @StopFundingHate who’ve been monitoring the channel and to the staff at the supermarket as well for pushing for this change."

Activists drove a car outside Sainsbury’s headquarters yesterday with a billboard attached which read: “Sainsbury’s is ignoring thousands of customers who are not happy with them advertising on Nigel Farage’s TV show.”

Sainsbury's confirmed with customers on Friday that the advertising campaign had ended.