A FORMER Royal marines commando has accused the UK Government of making an “absolute cluster” of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing, founder of animal rescue charity Nowzad, said people had to know “the truth” about what was going on on the ground in Kabul.

The veteran, who has been pleading with the UK Government to help his charity staff get out of the country, said he did not know where his pregnant wife was, or some of his staff, and thought they had been caught up in a crush to try to get to Kabul airport.

Speaking on Sky News this afternoon, he said the UK and US politicians had been attempting to make it appear as though they “had a handle” on the situation, but that was not the reality he was witnessing.

He said: "I am beyond furious. This government, along with Joe Biden have created an unimaginable horrorshow of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“I am getting fed up with the politicians trying to convince the world they have got a handle on this.

“They do not. This is a masterclass, an absolute masterclass, in how to do everything wrong in a withdrawal from a country that we have completely messed up.”

Mr Farthing also said the military were not helping to retrieve people stuck outside the airport, who had been told the make their way there for evacuation.

He explained: "At the moment I don't know where my wife is. They managed to pull out my country manager to get her out of the crush along with her one and a half year old son, and they are now trying to make their way back to another secure location near to Kabul airfield.

“Boris Johnson, and all of the senior staff  in this government need to know what a complete cluster they are making of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, people are going to die.

“Outside [the airport] is not secure. If the British military are there and they will not get outside and rescue some of the people that they have been sent to get out of Kabul safely then what is the point of them being here?

“The government, the Americans, especially Joe Biden, have created undue panic and stress. And nothing is going to be achieved.

“There are still thousands of Afghans trying to fight to get into an airfield, to get on an aeroplane, to escape the mess we made.”