Nicola Sturgeon has been listed among the top 25 ‘extraordinary' UK women who have shaped 2021.

The First Minister was praised by Vogue magazine for “claiming a historic fourth consecutive term at the Scottish Parliament election” with the highest vote share since devolution. 

At one seat shy of a majority, “her case for a second independence referendum is growing ever harder for Boris Johnson to ignore.”

The SNP yesterday signed a historic agreement with the Green Party that fornalises a pro-independence majority.

Scotland's political leader joins a list that includes fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who at 80 has increasingly used her profile to champion anti war and environmental messages.

Other women who made the shortlist include Zara Mohammed, from Glasgow, who, in January, became the youngest person and first woman to be ejected as Secretary general of The Muslim. Council of Britain.

Also listed was another Scot, Jane Fraser, who became the first woman to lead a big Wall Street institution when she was named chief executive of Citigroup in March. 

Other agenda setters  included Kate Bingham, chair of the UK vaccine task force, under whom eight successful vaccines were found and Debbie Hewitt, who will in 2022 become the first woman to be named chair of the Football Association in its 158-year history.