HUMZA Yousaf has revealed a bombardment of racist abuse and death threats targeted towards him over email.

The Health Secretary last night shared screenshots of the messages on Twitter, among which described him as an “invader” and said he “needs killing”.

He said that while that level of threat is “rare”, politicians are “human too” as he shared how he was affected by the issue.

At least seven emails with abusive language was sent within fifteen minutes.


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One, with the subject line “Lets kill Humza”, read: “He’s a piece of p*** s*** and needs killing…no argue…kill the little f***.

“Humza is an invader….muslim s***”.

Another read “Kill Humza P***”.

Highlighting the shocking abuse, the SNP MSP for Glasgow Pollok wrote online: "This flurry of racist abuse and death threats is clearly from someone extremely deranged & luckily this level of threat is rare.

“But unfortunately too many think Politicians are fair game for abuse, we're human too, I'm a parent of two kids, how can I not be affected by this?"

The post, which Mr Yousaf has since deleted, attracted an outpouring support.

Lawyer Aamer Anwar wrote: “Here we go again, how much more is a father with young family, who happens to be a politician expected to take.

“It terrifying to receive such death threats & we know where they can end - the personal racist attacks on @HumzaYousaf must be stopped.”

SNP MSP Karen Adam replied: “You’re loved as somebody’s son, husband and father.

“Many say grow a thicker skin, but then complain when thicker skinned elected reps create thicker skinned laws and policy.

“They can’t have it both ways. This is vile, I’m so sorry. Solidarity to you and yours.”

Neil Gray MSP added: “This is disgusting, I am so sorry Humza. Take care”.

And Christina McKelvie said: “Utterly appalling, sending love and solidarity Humza.”


Thanking those for support, Mr Yousaf later confirmed that the threats will be reported to the police.

He wrote online: "My thanks as always to those who reached out after the vile racism and death threats I received.

"I have deleted the tweet as I don't want that filth on my timeline.

"As you'd imagine the threats will be reported to the police.

"The voices of good always outweight the bad".