Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said the introduction of vaccine passports has not been “ruled out forever”.

It comes following UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid stating that vaccine passports would not be introduced in England.

Boris Johnson is set to detail his plan for combating coronavirus this winter on Tuesday.

She told BBC Breakfast: “As Sajid Javid set out yesterday, although the formal decision is still to be made, but having reflected and looked at the details of the proposal that it’s not deemed necessary at this moment in time.

“But they haven’t been ruled out forever. It’s reflecting the fact that a lot of young people have come forward and got their vaccinations over the summer.”

She also suggested the work from home guidance could return under plans to combat a possible surge in coronavirus during the winter.

Asked about maintaining the work from home advice, she told BBC Breakfast that some regulations may still be needed.

“Whether that’s with what you just mentioned or making sure statutory sick pay can be paid from day one rather than day four, as tends to happen in more regular times,” she said.

“These are the sensible measures I think that we’re going to keep.”

Asked about masks, she said: The Prime Minister will be setting out the Covid winter plan tomorrow. I think my approach, and I see that with a lot of employers organisations, is about having a situation-specific approach.”