A new poll on people's views of Britian's decision to leave the EU has found that fewer than 20 per cent of think it is going "well" - and more than half think it is going "badly".

The Yougov survey, carried out on Wednesday online, asked people across the UK to rate the progress Brexit on a scale of going "very well" to "very badly". 

Of the 6,456 people who took part, just 4% thought it was going well, and 14% thought it was going "fairly well".

By contrast More than a quarter - 32% - thought it was going "very badly", while 21% said Brexit had gone "fairly badly".

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The survey, carried out as the country deals with a haulage crisis which has left some shop shelves bare and sparked a run on fuel pumps,  

It also comes after warnings from the fishing industry that their livlihoods were being devastated and border issues which have seen goods being held up for days - problems dismissed as "teething troubles" by Boris Johnson. 


Pic: Yougov

In Scotland - which voted to remain by 62% to 38% - attitudes have hardened with just 3% of people thnking it is going "very well", while only 8% think it is going "fairly well".

At the opposite end of the scale, 22% think is is going "fairly badly" while 46% - the largest group of any region in the country - said it was going "very badly".

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The survey was also broken down by gender, with males more likely to rate Brexit as going "fairly well" or better then females. 

However, a majority of both men and women  - 51% and 55%, respectively, - thought it was going badly.