His evidence led to one of the liveliest committee hearings in the history of the Commons, so it was no surprise to find Dominic Cummings centre stage again today as a damning report into the UK Government’s handling of the pandemic was published. 

MPs on the Science and Technology Committee and the Health and Social Care Committee, said the UK Government should have locked down earlier in 2020; that thousands died in care homes partly due to a policy of discharging people from hospital without testing; and the NHS test and trace scheme was too slow. 

One of the report’s central accusations was that there was “false groupthink” among the scientists advising the UK Government, and Ministers were unwilling or unable to challenge it. 

Told you so, said Mr Cummings in an interview with Sky News. The former aide to the Prime Minister said the report confirmed that the government system for dealing with crises was a disaster, as he had warned in 2019. 


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