Scottish business Tunnock's has become the target of a social media row calling for a boycott of the confectionary firm after it donated goodies to LGB Alliance's conference. 

The campaign group, which has been accused of transphobia, thanked the company for donating caramel wafers and tea cakes in a online post tweet has led to a Twitter storm, with “Tunnocks” trending on the platform.

Some have called for a boycott of the firm for supporting a "hate group". 

Others think it was a genuine mistake and that Tunnock's "had no idea" who LGB Alliance were.

When approached by the Herald, Tunnoch's declined to comment and they have not publically endorsed LGB Alliance. 

The alliance tweeted: “Many thanks to @TunnockOfficial who kindly donated generous quantities of their fabulous caramel wafers and the legendary Tunnock’s Tea Cake.

“Both were gulped down by a hungry LGB crowd and lovely straight and trans allies. (Gannets every one of them).”

Critics of the LGB Alliance say the group are against the rights of trans people.

The group are advocates of sex-based rights and oppose proposed legislation in the Scottish Parliament to change the process of legal recognition of gender to be "based only on self-identification rather than biological sex".


Teacher Vic Symonds wrote: “This Gay Glaswegian can’t buy from [Tunnock’s] in good conscience now. The LGB Alliance actively harms my whole community. #LGBWithTheT.

“They attack and undermine trans people and wrecked my favourite biscuit. Scunnered.”

“Hey well, anti-trans Tunnocks shall be eaten no more if true! I want intersectional inclusive cakes not dumbo bigoted ones, thanks”, another user added.

A third wrote: “‘The anti-trans teacake’ is a weird promotional tactic.”

Others came out in support of Tunnock’s, thanking it for its donation to the alliance conference.

“Thanks a bunch you lot! I’m going to have to buy some Tunnocks tea cakes now as I’m craving them,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Adding extra of these lush teacakes into to shopping trolley,” another added.

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India Willoughby, Britain's first transgender national television newsreader, said she had it on “good authority that the lovely [Tunnock’s] had no idea who the LGB Alliance even were when they supplied freebies”.

“Thought they were supporting LGBT. Cut them some slack. Bound to happen when you get baddies masquerading as the good guys,” she added.

The Equality Network’s Scott Cuthbertson wrote: “As an LGBT conference organiser who’s received generous support from Tunnock’s in the past we should be fair about what’s happened.

“They received a request from a conference being held at the QEII centre and didn’t understand how the LGBT community feel about that [organisation]. That’s all.”