GRETA Thunberg questioned Nicola Sturgeon about Scotland's oil and gas policy during their meeting at COP26.

The First Minister said she is "under no illusions" that the teenage climate activist is "anything other than completely opposed" to plans for a new oil field west of Shetland.

Ms Sturgeon met Ms Thunberg and fellow campaigner Vanessa Nakate during the global climate summit in Glasgow yesterday.

The First Minister previously said a new energy strategy will set out how Scotland can make the "fastest possible" transition away from fossil fuels.

She has argued the proposed Cambo oil field "must be reassessed in light of the climate emergency", but has not gone further.

Asked about yesterday's meeting with Ms Thunberg, the First Minister said: "It was good to talk to her, I think we had a good conversation, with Vanessa as well – I think it's important not to lose sight of the fact that Vanessa is an equally vocal climate campaigner. 

"They were very interested in what Scotland was doing, they were interested in how, given we're not around the negotiating table, we could have influence and make our voices heard. 

"It won't surpise you to hear they had questions about the detail of our policy, not least on oil and gas.

"But it was a good and constructive conversation.

"I think it's fair to say, and I don't think this would surprise anybody, that they – probably Greta in particular – have a healthy degree of scepticism about what's going to be achieved in here and whether it is going to be sufficient to meet the scale and urgency of the problem. 

"But I certainly enjoyed speaking to them."

Speaking to journalists, Ms Sturgeon was asked if Cambo came up during the conversation.

She said: "Cambo did come up – I think I probably raised it rather than them."

The First Minister insisted it was not an "adversarial discussion", adding: "We had a good discussion about the issues and about what they think is important – me talking about the considerations and the processes that somebody in my position has to go through. 

"It wasn't that kind of, 'You must do this' conversation.

"But I'm under no illusions about the views of Greta Thunberg on Cambo and on oil and gas drilling generally. 

"There's no sense that I left that room thinking she was anything other than completely opposed to Cambo and that she would want me to be completely opposed to it as well."