A SENIOR SNP MP has lodged a formal complaint about Boris Johnson and Tory party officials over corruption. 

Pete Wishart has written to Cressida Dick, Met Police Commissioner today, asking her to investigate the Prime Minister and his predecessors over so-called cash for honours claims.

The MP for Perth and North Perthshire, and the SNP’s shadow commons leader, wrote to Dame Cressida ahead of the Commons debate on the Government’s attempt to change the was MPs are investigated for rule-breaking.

In his letter, seen by The Herald, he said he was concerned about “criminal misconduct” by Mr Johnson, and previous Tory Prime Ministers as well as other senior Conservatives.

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He wrote: “I write to inform you of potential criminal misconduct regarding the procurement of honours and membership of the House of Lords.

“The emerging allegations, which have been widely referred to as the 'cash for honours scandal, are deeply undermining public trust and confidence.

“These widespread allegations and suspicion of criminal activity need to be urgently addressed. I, therefore, believe it is now essential that a formal criminal investigation is now initiated by the Metropolitan Police.”

Mr Wishart claims there could be breaches of the law under the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1925.

This was the law cited when Tony Blair was questioned by the police in 2006 and 2007, following a police complaint by Angus MacNeil MP.

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Mr Wishart's letter cited a joint investigation by openDemocracy and the Sunday Times, and continued: "Since the Conservative party returned to power in 2010, successive Prime Ministers have elevated nine of the party's former treasurers to the House of Lords.

"Each of those appointed since 2014 has donated at least £3 million. Any investigation must uncover any process or link between these donations and the subsequent appointment of these individuals to the House of Lords.

"In total, twenty two of the Conservative party's biggest financial contributors have been made members of the House of Lords in the past eleven years.

"Together they have donated some £54m to the Tories. I believe that it is only right to investigate whether these donations were, in fact, rewarded with honours."

A UK Government spokeswoman said: "Peerages reflect long-standing contributions to civic life and also a willingness to further contribute to public life as a legislator in the Second Chamber.

“It is wrong to criticise individuals being honoured just because they have also chosen to support or donate to a political party. Donations should be transparent, but that is not an excuse to knock people for broader philanthropy, enterprise and public service.

“Volunteering and supporting a political party is part of our civic democracy.

“In the UK, taxpayers do not have to bankroll political parties’ campaigning. Political parties have to raise money themselves, and follow transparency and compliance rules laid out in law.”

The Metropolitan Police has been contacted for comment. 


During the Commons debate, Mr Wishart lashed out at Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives for appointing anyone to the House of Lords.

The SNP has refused to take any seats in the second chamber, and has always opposed its existence. 

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Mr Wishart told MPs to "stop putting people" in "that corrupt circus".

He said: "I have now asked the Metropolitan Police to investigate the activities of the Conservative Party and the awarding of places in the House of Lords.

"I'll say ever so gently to my friends in the Labour Party, stop putting people in that place. Stop giving it legitimacy and credibility.

"We don't need the Gordon Brown Commission. We just need you guys as the opposition party to say you will abolish it.

"It is a circus, it is a corrupt circus and it is the high point of deference in the class system.

"To think that the Labour Party would defend that place and put people in it is beyond ridiculous. Grow up. Get a sense of this, help up get rid of that appalling circus down the corridor."