US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has "finally" tasted Irn-Bru at COP26 after announcing she was trying to get her hands on Scotland's other national drink.

The Democrat previously told her social media followers she wanted to "find some Irn-Bru and touch Harris Tweed and see a castle" while in Scotland for the summit.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez, a high-profile member of the House of Representatives, is part of a delegation of 22 American lawmakers headed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who have travelled to Glasgow to attend talks. 

She tweeted: "I finally got a hold of some Irn-Bru at #COP26"

It is not yet known what she made of the fizzy orange beverage. 

Ms Ocasio-Cortez – known as AOC – previously wrote on Instagram: "Our schedule is completely jammed from arrival to departure, but fingers crossed there *might* be a few hours in the next few days for us to actually see this beautiful place!

"I want to find some Irn-Bru and touch Harris Tweed and see a castle – if I don't I'll have to come back some time!"

Asked if she had drunk any Irn-Bru, she replied: "I am trying to get my hands on some!

"So far it's been non-stop work with no real independent time so I am hoping for a window to find some.

"The schedule is packed – we leave early and get back late.

"Where do I find it?? Do y'all have bodegas here??"

In New York, a bodega is a small convenience store. 

Ms Ocasio-Cortez has served as the US Representative for New York's 14th congressional district since 2019.

On Tuesday, the congresswoman spoke at a press conference at the climate summit and also attended an event on gender and the climate crisis.

Earlier, a spokesman for Irn-Bru said: "It's phenomenal that Scotland's ginger nectar has made such a splash with delegates from across the globe.

"We'd love to help AOC try an ice cold can of Bru while she's in Glasgow."