The First Minister is set to make a statement regarding Covid-19 to MSPs on Tuesday afternoon amid a rise in cases in the country.

Ministers have previously hinted that the vaccine passport scheme may be extended to include more hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants, while other changes could see proof of a negative Covid test being accepted as well as proof of double vaccination.

Daily cases in Scotland have remained consistently above 2,000 for the last few months.

One of Nicola Sturgeon's key advisers on the Covid pandemic has suggested Scotland could see more 'protections' put in place ahead of tomorrow’s speech.

Professor Devi Sridhar said rising cases in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe, is worrying, with Austria imposing a lockdown on unvaccinated citizens on Monday.

She says, by looking at restrictions being imposed in other countries, more measures could be introduced in Scotland, however she believes the era of 'stay at home lockdowns' is behind us.

She said: "The virus is still here, it's putting a lot of pressure on hospitals in Scotland, and so it's better we take a look at the problem as it really is, and try to get ahead of it to avoid harsher measures further down the line. 

"I would think, by looking at other countries, more tightening of indoor settings where it's riskier. Asking for certification when you enter an indoor setting. This could be again looking at other countries, things like for example vaccination passes, asking for a negative PCR test, even asking for recovery from Covid in the past 90 days if you've had Covid.

"The virus is finding people who are unvaccinated, and then it is transmitting at such a high level that it is also finding those who are doubly vaccinated but are much more frail. And what we need to do is limit that circulation.”

On Monday, the Scottish Government confirmed that people aged between 40 and 49 will be offered Covid booster vaccinations, and it was also announced that those aged 16 and 17, who were initially given only a single dose, will now be offered a second jab.

The update will be streamed on Scottish Parliament TV and the latest announcement is expected at around 2:15pm on Tuesday November 16.