Nearly two-thirds of Scots do not know who should succeed Nicola Sturgeon if she steps down, a new poll has found.

A Panelbase survey for The Sunday Times found around 64 per cent have no view on who should lead the SNP after Ms Sturgeon.

Likely successors posed to Scots include finance secretary Kate Forbes, deputy FM John Swinney, health secretary Humza Yousaf, Westminster leader Ian Blackford and MP Joanna Cherry.

But other than Kate Forbes, the proposed replacements brought in figures of less than ten per cent each, the poll found.

Polling expert Professor John Curtice said: “While her ubiquity might reflect her effectiveness as a communicator, a strong leader is also one who enables their colleagues to shine, and gain the experience and authority needed to become a potential successor.”

A majority of voters (52 per cent) said they wanted Ms Sturgeon to remain in her post as first minister for at least the rest of this parliamentary session, with just 34 per cent voting in favour of her resignation before then.

The survey asked 2,038 voters a series of questions between November 9 and 15.