DOWNING Street has confirmed the Prime Minister is well and has a grip on government following his speech to the CBI yesterday.

Asked by Westminster lobby journalists if Boris Johnson was alright, Boris Johnson's official spokesman said he was "well" and that he was "focused on delivering for the public."

It comes after Mr Johnson delivered a somewhat rambling address to business leaders, in which he imitated a car, lost his place and praised the cartoon character Peppa Pig. He told attendees that he had been to Peppa Pig World the previous day, and it was "very much my kind of place". 

The speech, and a subsequent significant Tory rebellion on social care reforms in the Commons last night has prompted questions over Mr Johnson's leadership and his control of Government.

Asked if he had a "grip" on government, his official spokesman said: "Of course and I'd point to CBI themselves who, when asked about the speech, said leaders will be heartened to hear the Prime Minister talk passionately about the role of the private sector working in partnership with government to achieve our shared ambitions for a high wage, high skill, high investment economy." 

He continued: "The PM briefly lost his place... He's given hundreds of speeches. I don't think it's unusual for people on rare occasions to lose their place."

Asked if he was "okay", the spokesman said: "The Prime Minister is well, he focused on delivering for the public."