NICOLA Sturgeon is set to update MSPs this week on the Covid situation in Scotland following the introduction of new restrictions.

As revealed by the Herald on Sunday, MSPs have been asked to sit during the recess period this week and potentially again in the New Year.

When is Nicola Sturgeon’s next Covid update?

Following agreement at last week’s Parliamentary Bureau, Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone confirmed Holyrood will be asked to agree to sit on December 29 and potentially on January 5 for updates on Covid and for MSPs to ask questions of the First Minister.

It is not yet known whether tighter restrictions will be considered by the First Minister and her Cabinet when MSPs convene on Wednesday.

Multiple sources had told The Herald on Sunday that the First Minister wanted Holyrood to discuss bringing in new measures to help combat the spread of the dominant Omicron variant of the virus.

At the time, the First Minister denied she had any current plans to carry out a recall of parliament. However, two independent sources confirmed to the Herald on Sunday that it was being actively discussed and considered – before later being confirmed by the Presiding Officer.

What are the new Covid restrictions in Scotland?

It comes as temporary measures to limit the spread of Omicron came into force.

From 5am yesterday, attendance at large events was limited to 100 people for indoor standing events, 200 for indoor seating events and 500 to all outdoor events.

From 5am today, one metre physical distancing has been reinstated in all hospitality and indoor leisure settings including pubs, restaurants, gyms, theatres and museums amongst others. Table service is also required in settings where alcohol is served for consumption on the premises.

Nightclubs are also to close for at least three weeks.

When will Scotland's Covid restrictions be reviewed?

All of the temporary measures introdued in recent days are to be reviewed after three weeks on Tuesday, January 11.

Latest Covid figures for Scotland

The last available figures released by the Scottish Government show 7,076 new cases of Covid-19 reported on Christmas Eve, with 10 deaths and a positivity rate of 14.6%.

A total of 6,154 cases of the new variant were also reported on Friday, up 3,832 from the previous day, due to a backlog in laboratory testing.