SNP ministers have been called out for hypocrisy after refusing to answer a controversial sex question that school pupils are being asked to answer in a pupil survey.

The Scottish Government faced an angry backlash after S4 to S6 pupils were being asked to take part in a health and wellbeing survey – which included questions on specific sexual experiences.

The storm led to Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson urging the study to be paused over privacy and consent concerns.

Last month, Nicola Sturgeon refused to say whether she would answer the controversial school pupils' census.

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SNP ministers have now come under further criticism after refusing to answer a freedom of information request which repeated one of the questions posed to school pupils.

The person making the request asked for “the number of government cabinet ministers who have indulged in anal sex”.

The request said that “I do not expect this information to be held on file”, adding “so I would appreciate if you could fire around a quick email to them asking this simple question”.

It added: “Can you provide the data in the form of a list of names, with a yes or no against their names please.

“Whether they enjoyed it or not is not required.”

The Scottish Government refused to answer the question, insisting the information is not held.

The Scottish Conservatives have said the refusal of ministers to given an answer shows how unreasonable the questionnaire is and have renewed their calls for the survey to be scrapped.

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Scottish Tory children’s spokesperson, Meghan Gallacher, said: “It shows just how intrusive these questions are that SNP ministers won't answer them.

"This controversial survey asks pupils inappropriate questions that most adults would feel uncomfortable answering.

"The way this data has been collected is flawed and the SNP should withdraw this survey from schools."

But the Scottish Government has insisted it will continue to support the controversial survey.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “As is clear from the freedom of information request response, the information requested could not be provided because it is not held by the Scottish Government. This is in line with the requirements of freedom of information legislation.

“Parents/carers and children can opt out of taking part in the census if they wish.

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“If children and young people do take part, they can skip any question they don’t wish to answer or state that they would ‘prefer not to say’.

“Health and wellbeing surveys like this one are not new and play a crucial role in ensuring children and young people have access to the help, advice and services they need.

"Local authorities administer the census in their schools to help identify the issues children and young people are concerned about and to tailor their learning, particularly in Personal and Social Education, and advice and support services.

“Whilst the Scottish Government has worked with stakeholders to design a set of questionnaires, it is for local authorities to determine which questions they ask. We fully support administering of this important census, and we will continue to engage with stakeholders on its implementation.”