AN anti-vaccine group is stepping up its action in Scotland with plans for a bootcamp deemed “reckless and irresponsible” by the Scottish Government.

'Alpha Men Assemble' have attracted media attention across the UK this year for their militant style training and demonstrations.

The anti-lockdown and anti-Covid vaccination group have built their following on social media in recent months, with the Daily Mail reporting the group have been running military-style training sessions in preparation for a “war” on the Government.

It also claims they are being trained by ex-armed forces personnel as they plan to target schools, vaccination centres and police with demonstrations in the coming weeks and months.

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The group have been congregating on a social media messaging website called ‘Telegram’ and have amounted more than 7,000 subscribers.

A Daily Record report said that the group are planning to host a training event at Strathclyde Park on January 29 and are urging people “take direct action" to stop the "forced vaccination of children”.

However, vaccines are not mandatory in Scotland, with the Scottish Government previously saying there are "no plans" to introduce any sort of jag mandate.

They say a social media group dedicated to the Scottish branch of Alpha Men Assemble has grown from 100 members to 400 in the last week.

A video showed one member of the group saying the vaccine is leading the ­government to have “power grab” on “the bodies of children”.

The Scottish Government have blasted the group’s “irresponsible” plans, adding they are  “deliberately spreading disinformation” about vaccines and have told people to “ignore” their views.

A spokesman said: “ Covid-19 ­vaccinations are entirely voluntary in Scotland, and those for children will only take place with the ­appropriate consent.

“Getting vaccinated saves lives and helps protect the NHS by making it much less likely that people will need hospital treatment if they do get Covid.

“Deliberately spreading ­misinformation about the vaccine is irresponsible and reckless, and anyone doing so should be ignored.

 “Any claims that Covid-19 vaccinations are mandatory for children or adults in Scotland are entirely false.”

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A statement by Police Scotland stated: “Officers will give the area passing attention and engage with anyone in ­attendance.”

It comes as police in Glasgow were called to manage an ‘unplanned’ anti-lockdown demonstration in the city centre during the weekend.

It’s believed around 1000 people were taking part in the march on Saturday January 8 which began at 1pm in Glasgow Green.

The group then marched away from the park and towards Argyle street in what they called a "freedom rally".

Some of them were pictured carrying placards saying “Do you trust your ‘govern’ment with your life?” and “vaccine passports means your body will be owned by the state forever”.

The protest is believed to have been organised by Scotland Against Lockdown, a group that runs campaigns against mandatory facemasks, vaccines and restrictions.