BORIS Johnson will today address MPs in Westminster as he faces burning questions over his alleged attendance at another Downing Street party.

The Prime Minister has faced multiple calls to resign this week after an email, leaed to ITV News, revealed a Downing Street aide invited over 100 staff members to the No10 garden for drinks in the height of the first lockdown.

The fresh allegations of the "social gathering" on May 20, 2020, come after news broke last month of another alleged Dowing Street Christmas party taking place during the second lockdown in December 2020.

Mr Johnson sent a junior government minister to face MPs on Tuesday to answer questions over what is being called "partygate".

However, with PMQs set to take place this afternoon, he will now have to face MPs who will pose the same questions.

Sir Keir Starmer will be able to face Boris Johnson in the chamber after testing negative for coronavirus for a second day.

The Labour leader was forced to pull out of last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions session after testing positive for Covid-19 and has spent the time since in self-isolation.

But following negative tests on Tuesday and Wednesday he is clear to return to the Commons.

Is Boris Johnson giving a Covud update?

As well as addressing the allegations today, the Prime Minister is also likely set to give an update on the UK’s Covid situation, as infection rates have increased over the last month with the new Omicron variant emerging.

The Prime Minister is expected to provide an update to MPs during PMQs.

What time does PMQs start today?

Prime Minister's questions will start at its usual time of 12pm and is expected to run for around half an hour.

How to watch PMQs as Boris Johnson faces Covid restrictions questions

You can livestream the questions faced by the Prime Minister on usual channels.

BBC Parliament will be streaming PMQs via BBC iPlayer while Sky News will also be providing live coverage on Youtube.

You will also be able to watch along at Parliament Live TV.

What to expect at PMQs today

Boris Johnson is to face scrutiny over his position in 'partygate' and will also face multiple calls for his resignation.

Major figures in the Conservative party were also among the people calling for the Prime Minister to face the truth and clarify if he was in attendance of the party which at the time broke the law.

Scottish Conservative leader, Douglas Ross yesterday said that if Boris Johnson attended the Downing Street garden party he must resign. 

The MP for Moray said: "We need to know and there's one person who can tell us for sure, was he at the party or not, and that's the Prime Minister.

"Right now he needs to be upfront about all this and honest with everyone.

"If the Prime Minister, or anyone, misleads Parliament -  you cannot do that and that is a resigning matter."