Olympic legend, Michael Johnson has expressed his confusion over current restrictions in Scotland after being informed of mass crowds returning as restrictions begin easing again.

The 12 time gold medalist shared a tweet which outlined the current restrictions imposed on Scottish sport and athletics. 

The orginal tweet, shared by a frustrated Scottish atglete shows photos of freinds gathered in a pub drinking, football fans in stadiums, and indoor athletes.

The caption said: "Only one of these activities is currently deemed to be unsafe in Scotland Looks like indoor athletics has been the victim of disproportionate and illogical restrictions. Please reconsider @MareeToddMSP @scotgov."

Restrictions on both indoor and outdoor events were put in place in Scotland on December 26. For three weeks there has been a limit of 500 spectators for outdoor events, 200 spectators for seated indoor events, and a limit 100 for indoor standing events.

Indoor training is still permitted for runners and athletes, but according to Scotland's official athletics website certain running events are classified as a contact sport and therefore not permitted to take place. 

Now, limits on outdoor events are being lifted tomorrow meaning Scottish outdoor sport will see the return of crowds as strong as 60,000, but indoor events will remain restricted for at least another week.

The current restrictions mean adult track events with a break (200m plus) cannot take place, and Scottish athletic events which were due to be held on January 3 and 8 were cancelled.

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Michael Johnson, who formerly held the world-record for 200m and 400m, caught eye of the post and shared it on his own social media which has 150,000 following.

Expressing his disbelief, he simply questioned: "What?!"

Scottish Sun journalist, Chris Musson shared the olympic legend's tweet.#

He said: "One of the greatest athletes ever, expressing disbelief at the Scottish Government's ongoing restrictions on sport.