THE PRIME Minister has welcomed the Metropolitan police proe into parties across Whitehall, with officials saying it is "entirely right" for the force to do so.

Boris Johnson's official spokesman told lobby journalists that the Prime Minister would be willing to speak to the police about the events, and he will "fully cooperate" with the investigation.

The spokesman was asked i fhe would repeat previous statements he made that coronavirus rules were followed "at all times" but he refused to do so today.

He also suggested that Mr Johnson does not believe he has committed a crime. When asked if the Prime Minister did thinkhe broke the law, the spokesman said: "I need to be cautious about what I say but I think that’s fair to say that he does not.”

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The PM fully acknowledges the public’s anger and concern about what has been reported, he has taken responsibility for his judgments made and it is right the Met should be now given the time and space to undertake their investigations.

“It will provide the public with welcome clarity and help draw a line under these events and everyone required will fully cooperate in any way they are asked.”

Pressed if the Prime Minister is willing to be interviewed by officers, his spokesman responded: “Anyone asked to will cooperate fully as you would expect.”

Later, the Prime Minister gave an update to MPs about Ukraine but addressed the Met Police investigation first.

He said: "A few weeks ago, I commissioned an independent inquiry into a series of events in Downing Street and the Cabinet Office as well as some other Whitehall departments that may have constituted potential breaches of the Covid regulations.

"That process has quite properly involved sharing information continuously with the Metropolitan Police.

"So I welcome the Met's decision to conduct its own investigation, because I believe this will help to give the public the clarity it needs and help to draw a line under matters.

"But I want to reassure the house and the country that I am, the whole government are, focused 100% on dealing with the people's priorities."