A Scottish independence rally held in Stirling to mark Burns Night saw nationalists set fire to Union Jack flags.

Serial protestor Sean Clerkin led the protest in which two Union Jack flags were burnt at the Robert the Bruce statue in Bannockburn on Tuesday afternoon by group Action for Scotland.

The group’s Facebook page says that they campaign for independence and “protest against the union”.

The flag burning demonstration was broadcast live on the group’s Facebook page.

Police Scotland say they were aware of the protest, which they say "passed peacefully and without any issues."

In the two minute long clip, Mr Clerkin can be seen standing in front of two burning Union Jack flags at the statue, with another nationalist raising a Scottish flag behind him.

HeraldScotland: (Pic: Action for Scotland / Facebook)(Pic: Action for Scotland / Facebook)

He told viewers: "We are here today to burn the Union Jacks. We're burning them because Britain is a failed state."

With the flags in flames behind him and someone else holding a Scottish flag in the air, he adds: "Britain is a failed state because it glories in the empire of the past: cruelty, mobarity, poverty, exploitation, cruelty to people."

A spokesperson for Police Scotland told the Scottish Sun: "Police Scotland is aware of a protest earlier today, Tuesday 25 January 2022 in Stirling which passed peacefully and without any issues.

"Police Scotland is a rights-based organisation that puts our values of integrity, fairness, respect and a commitment to upholding human rights at the heart of everything we do.

"This means that we will protect the rights of people who wish to peacefully protest or counter-protest, balanced against the rights of the wider community."