THE PRIME Minister appeared to poke fun at the leader of the SNP’s weight when answering a question in the Commons.

Boris Johnson was being questioned by Ian Blackford during Prime Ministers Questions, when he made a jibe about his appearance.

The SNP Westminster leader was making a point about the rising cost of living and planned tax rises, and called for the Tory MPs to force Mr Johnson out.

He said: "Every moment that the Prime Minister lingers, every nick in this death by a thousand cuts is sucking attention from the real issues facing the public. Tory cuts, Brexit and the soaring cost of living have pushed millions of families into poverty.

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"The impending National Insurance tax hike hangs like a guillotine while they eat cake. This is nothing short of a crisis and the only route out, the only route to restore public trust, is for the Prime Minister to go.

“How much longer will Tory MPs let this go on for? How much more damage are they willing to do?

"It is time to get this over with. Show the Prime Minister the door.”

The Prime Minister said: “I don’t know … who has been eating more cake" before raucous laughter erupted from the Tory benches behind him. 

He continued: "Behind the scenes, people don’t get this, but actually we co-operate well and I want to continue to do so.”

An SNP source later said the comments had been “nasty and unnecessary”.

They added: “It’s clear that Boris Johnson didn’t know how to explain his actions and instead decided to stoop so low as to try and mock someone for their weight.

"It was nasty and unnecessary but sadly not unexpected when it comes to this Prime Minister."

Another added: “Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to realise there are certain lines you don’t cross, including making comments like that."

Kirsten Oswald, the SNP's deputy westminster leader, said the "body-shaming" remarks were not acceptable. 

She said: "Boris Johnson has proven, yet again, that he is completely unfit for office.

"Whether it's his body shaming jokes, his racism, his homophobia, or his wider misconduct in public office, Mr Johnson is giving people another telling insight into his odious character.

"The Prime Minister's frequently offensive remarks will have a damaging impact on many young people and need to be called out. He is sending an appalling message to society, that the most powerful person in the UK government thinks it's ok to mock people because of their bodies, race, sexual orientation and religion.

"The longer Tory MPs allow Mr Johnson to cling onto power, the more damage they will do to any remaining public trust in this discredited government."