A protest has been planned against a controversial Scottish Government school sex survey.

The Scottish Government have been under fire over the survey, which is designed to gain a picture of teenagers' sexual health and experience. 

Almost a third of councils, including Renfrewshire and Inverclyde, have said it will not be issued to pupils following a backlash from parents. 

Out of 32 local authorities, 10 have refused to participate whilst three others are 'adapting' the survey directly regarding the sexually explicit questions. A further 11 are still reviewing its content. 

One question - aimed at pupils in S4 and S6 - says: “People have varying degrees of sexual experience. How much, if any, sexual experience have you had?”

Multiple choice answers include “oral sex” and “vaginal or anal sex”.

It also asks how many people they have had sexual intercourse with in the past 12 months.


Nicola Sturgeon has defended the survey 

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Now, local campaigner and Glasgow Cabbie Stef Shaw has launched a protest against the survey.

He said he believes it is “wrong” to schoolchildren as young as 14 the questions in the survey, which include probes on whether they have had vaginal or anal intercourse. 

Mr Shaw said that it was time to make a vocal complaint against the issuing of the survey, which has been defended by the First Minister.  

The protest is planned to take place outside a police station at Stewart Street in Glasgow on Monday at 8pm. 

In a social media post calling for action, he wrote: “Those present shall be in agreement that we make a direct complaint about schoolchildren sex surveys and in particular, the inappropriate child sex survey for 14,15 and 16 year olds, to Police Scotland

“It’s believed that 8 Scottish Councils have refused to distribute what we believe to be a paedophilic (sic) sex survey around their schools and that speaks volumes about exactly how inappropriate these questionnaires are. 

“We would love your presence and support … in this complaint where we hope to put a stop to these surveys reaching our classrooms around the country.” 

Speaking to the Scottish Daily Express, Mr Shaw, of Glasgow, said: "It is wrong what they are asking children, the questions they are asking children as young as 14 is wrong, they are asking them to incriminate themselves in law

"These are kids below the age of consent and they are asking them if they're participating in anal or vaginal sex, it's just wrong. 

"We want the Scottish Government to overturn that decision and withdraw the survey." 


The survey will be distributed to teenagers 

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Mr Shaw added: "I want to see all concerned citizens, be it parents, grandparents, responsible adults who would like to see this survey scrapped come to this peaceful, supportive demonstration.” 

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “Health and wellbeing surveys like this one are not new and play a crucial role in ensuring children and young people have access to the help, advice and services they need. 

“Parents/carers and children and young people are informed of how their data will be used in advance of any taking part in the census and they can decide to opt out if they wish. If children and young people do take part, they can skip any question they don’t wish to answer or state that they would ‘prefer not to say’.”