A SCOTTISH council has apologised after a skip had been found "filled to the bring with Gaelic educational books".

Argyll and Bute Council said it is taking the matter "very seriously", confirming an investigation is under way.

It comes after the local authority faced furious backlash after the skip full of Gaelic resources was found. One skip full of the learning books had reportedly already been dumped.

Alison Craig, the chair of Comann nam Parant an Obain, a parents' advice and support organisation for Gaelic Medium Education, has written to the council to demand an explanation.

In an email sent to Argyll and Bute Council chief executive Douglas Hendry, Craig said she had been met with a “scene of utter disbelief … when I went to investigate the claims that thousands of books had been dumped for landfill”.

The skip is said to have included a range of resources including folders, jotters, stationary supplied, CDs and more.

The pictures of the skip was labelled a "disgrace" as a Facebook post showing the dumped books sparked outrage.

Now, Argyll and Bute Council has apologised for the "distress" caused by the incident and said it will undertake an investigation.

A council spokesperson said: “We apologise for any distress or upset caused and are taking the matter very seriously.

"Making the best possible use of the resources we have is always a priority. Moreover we dedicate a lot of time and effort to supporting the Gaelic language.

"We had already removed a number of Gaelic resources from the Education Office, for sharing among our services, and understand the concerns about why this has not happened with all resources.

"We can assure members of the public that we are carrying out a full investigation into items disposed of. The investigation is a priority to us and the lessons learned as a result of the investigation will guide future actions.”