Neil Parish, the MP accused of watching pornography in the Commons, is coming under pressure to quit parliament. 

The Conservatives finally suspended him on Friday, days after two female MPs shocked colleagues by revealing that they had witnessed him watching explicit movies on his phone while sitting in the chamber. 

One said she believed Mr Parish knew she had caught him, but that he continued watching the adult material. 

Incredibly, before his identity was revealed by the Telegraph on Friday, the MP for Tiverton and Honiton was asked about the allegations during an interview with GB News.

He was asked if a politician watching porn in the Commons should lose the whip. 

Mr Parish said: "I think the whip's office will do a thorough investigation and we will wait and see that result and I think you know, from that, then the decision will have to be made, what action to be taken."

He was then asked if there was a problem with the culture in the House of Commons. 

Mr Parish replied: "I think if you've got 650 Members of Parliament in what is you know, a very sort of very intense area, I mean, you are going to get people that step over the line. I don't think there's necessarily a huge culture here, but I think it does have to be dealt with and dealt with seriously and I think that's what the whips will do in our whip's office."

Writing on his website on Friday afternoon, Mr Parish said: “Following recent allegations regarding an MP’s use of their mobile phone in Parliament, I have referred myself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards in the House of Commons.

“I will be cooperating fully with any investigation, and whilst it is ongoing I will continue to perform my duties as MP for Tiverton and Honiton.

“I will not be making further comments at this stage.”

Harriet Harman - the longest-serving female MP in the Commons – told the BBC Radio 4 PM programme that Mr Parish should resign.

She said: “This marks a new low for the House of Commons.

“If this is what he has done, he should stand down from Parliament right away. It is not right for him to go through the investigation processes if that is what he has done.

“Clearly he is not fit to be in Parliament. He should accept that and not drag the processes out.”

Earlier in the week, Home Office minister, Rachel Maclean, who was at the meeting on Tuesday where the allegations surfaced, said everyone present had been “shocked and horrified”.

“It’s just gruesome,” she told Sky News’s The Take With Sophy Ridge.

“I’m the minister responsible for safeguarding women and for creating laws which protect women against sexual harassment and violence against women and girls, so it is deeply sickening and disgusting to hear that a male MP is watching porn.

“Action needs to be taken and I very much hope… we will see him out of Parliament, out of the party. I hope that’s where we get to.”

Mr Parish is the chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee and was first elected to Parliament in the 2010 General Election. 

He is married with two children and two grandchildren.