The Queen's speech sets out the agenda for the government in the coming parliamentary term, with a raft of Bills announced.

Today Prince Charles was joined by prince William and the Duchess of Cornwall at the Houses of Parliament, as the Queen was unable to attend.

It is only the third time Her Majesty has been unable to deliver the address herself, with the other two times due to being pregnant. 

A total of 38 Bills have been unveiled by the government today but not all affect Scotland. Many also centre around revoking EU law and replacing it with a UK version, post Brexit

Those which apply or impact significantly in Scotland are below, with some guaranteed to lead to disagreements with Holyrood ministers.

Bill of Rights

Legislation to give UK law supremacy over the EU court of human rights in Strasbourg.

Cases from Scottish courts which are referred to the UK Supreme Court would be affected. The UK will remain a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Social Security (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill 

The main change with this bill is that those who are terminally ill and who have 12 months or less to live will be able to have their benefits applications fast-tracked. Previously this applied only to those with six months or less to live.

Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (GB)

This Bill was announced in the last parliamentary term, and has been carried over.

It bans the export of livestock for fattening and slaughter, with other elements tackling puppy smuggling and pet abduction. 

Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Bill 

This aims to stop public companies which are funded by the taxpayer from taking their own, different, approach to the UK Government on sanctions and foreign relations. 

Brexit Freedoms Bill 

This will end the supremacy of EU law by repealing and amending European regulations with legislation that better suits post-Brexit UK markets. The Scottish Government is hostile to dismantling EU law and has said it will oppose any Brexit-related Bills passing into Scots law.

Data Reform Bill

Aims to protect people'spersonal data to a "gold standard" but also allows public services to share personal data.

Energy Security Bill

The government aims to increase the country’s energy security by “supporting low-carbon energy system” and reducing gas dependence.

In Scotland, a bid to establish a carbon capture and storage facility in Aberdeenshire was rejected by Westminster in favour of another bid in the North of England, with SNP MPs outraged at the decision.

These new measures could see a reconsideration or extension of the plans to develop more carbon capture clusters across the UK.

The new energy bill will also pave the way for an extension of the energy price cap, due to expire at the end of 2023

Harbours (Seafarers’ Remuneration) Bill

This has been introduced in response to the P&O scandal, and will ensure those working at sea are paid the equivalent to the national minimum wage

Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

While this mainly applies in England and Wales, some elements will affect scotland. These include the requirement for the government to set "Levelling Up missions and produce an annual report updating the country on delivery of these missions." 

Media Bill

This allows the privatisation of Channel 4, as well as gives Ofcom new powers to enforce a 'video on-demand' code, which will impose stricter rules on streaming companies to protect viewers from harmful content. 

The government also plans to revise the "decades old" rules applying to public service broadcasters and ensure public-service broadcasting content is easy to find on all devices.

Online Safety Bill (UK) 

This has been carried over form the last parliamentary term and sets out how social media in particular should be onitored and regulated to protect users from harmful content.

Modern Slavery Bill

Financial Services and Markets Bill 

National Security Bill 

Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill

Draft Audit Reform Bill

Draft Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill

Draft Protect Duty Bill

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill

Electronic Trade Documents Bill (Law Commission Bill)

Procurement Bill

High Speed Rail (Crewe – Manchester) Bill

Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill 

Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill 

Transport Bill 

UK Infrastructure Bank Bill

Social Housing Regulation Bill