THE FOREIGN secretary has announced the UK Government will lay down laws that would rip up parts fo the Northern Ireland procotol within weeks.

Liz Truss announced the measures in the Commons today, as part of the move by ministers to break the deadlock in Northern Ireland. 

After the local elections earlier this month, the DUP has refused to form a power-sharing executive with the largest party, Sinn Fein, unless the protocol is removed.

The trade agreement was agreed between the UK and EU aftrer Brexit, however the DUP claims it is impeding trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and wants it scrapped. 

Yesterday the Prime Minister flew to Belfast to discuss the issus with the leaders of the five main political parties in Stormont, however the talks ended with little progress. 

Today Ms Truss told MPs the goevrnment plans to set out domestic legislation which would enable changes to the protocol, including setting up so-called 'green channels' for goods flowing between GB and Northern Ireland, which are not intended to be transported outside NI. 

There would then be 'red channels' for goods which come from GB to NI for onward passage into the EU single market. 

A 'Trusted Trader' scheme would also ensure more protections for the EU single market, Ms Truss said. 

Concerns have been raised that this legislation would break international law as it would contradict the agreement Boris Johnson signed with the EU. 

Ms Truss is to invite the EU negotiatior Maros Sefcovic to a meeting as soon as possible to continue discussions, and said she is hoping that an agreement can be made with the bloc without the need to use the legislation.

Yesterday the Prime Minsiter described the plans as an "insurance policy". 

Ms Truss told MPs the Bill would “lessen the burden on east-west trade and to ensure the people of Northern Ireland are able to access the same benefits as the people of Great Britain”.

“The Bill will ensure that goods moving and staying within the UK are freed of unnecessary bureaucracy through our new green channel,” she said.

“This respects Northern Ireland’s place in the UK, in its customs territory, and protects the UK internal market.

“At the same time it ensures that goods destined for the EU undergo the full checks and controls applied under EU law.”

This will be underpinned by “data-sharing arrangements”, she said.

“It will allow both east-west trade and the EU single market to be protected whilst removing customs paperwork for goods remaining in the United Kingdom,” she added.

Ms Truss went on to say the Bill will remove regulatory barriers to goods made to UK standards being sold in Northern Ireland, with businesses able to choose between meeting UK or EU standards in a new “dual regulatory regime”.

The legislation will also provide the Government with the ability to decide on tax and spend policies across the whole of the UK, she said.

She added: “It will address issues related to governance, bringing the protocol in line with international norms.

“At the same time it will take new measures to protect the EU single market by implementing robust penalties for those who seek to abuse the new system.”