DOUGLAS Ross has said that Boris Johnson does not have his "unqualified support" to continue as Prime Minister - suggesting the only reason he continues to back him is the war in Ukraine.

The Scottish Conservative leader, who is also an MP at Westminster, does not think the Prime Minister should resign following the publication of Sue Gray’s damning report into partygate.

Ms Gray found that Mr Johnson and his staff repeatedly held gatherings in No.10 during the pandemic, despite it being against the laws set by the UK Government.

She added that senior leaders “must bear responsibility for this culture” which allowed this to happen.

When the Prime Minister’s involvement in partygate first emerged, Mr Ross called for him to resign. But he performed a U-turn on his position days before Mr Johnson was due to appear at the Scottish Conservative conference – pointing to the importance of his leadership amid the war in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, when photographs emerged of the Prime Minister holding a drink at one lockdown-breaking event, Mr Ross stressed an explanation was required.

Speaking to Sky News after the report was published, Mr Ross admitted that it “reveals details that no-one can be comfortable with”.

He said: “It is a very damaging report that highlights a culture that’s not acceptable at any time, let alone at time when the rest of us were locked down – when we were following the guidance provided by the Government itself to keep us all safe.

“I did say the Prime Minister's position was untenable back in January and the only thing for me that’s changed since then is the war in Ukraine. I understand and accept some people won’t agree with that position.”

Addressing the war in Ukraine, Mr Ross warned that he didn’t think “we provide them with that support if we destabilise the UK by removing the Prime Minister and going into a very long election battle to find a replacement”.

He stressed that the conflict “has only been my only reason to continue to withdraw my letter” to the 1922 Committee.

He said: “The Prime Minister doesn’t have my unqualified support. It has been because of the situation in Ukraine.

“My position changed because of the war in Ukraine and that is the only thing that changed it.”

Asked if he will call for the Prime Minister to resign when the Ukraine conflict is resolved, he said: “Then I think he should step down.

“If the war in Ukraine is over, then the Prime Minister doesn’t have the same support he has at the moment – not just from me but from other MPs who previously called for him to resign and go.”