BORIS Johnson is a buffoon and should never have been PM. Just look at him. But partygate has brought everyone involved into disrepute. Following the stunning anticlimax of the Sue Gray report, Labour, the police, Tory MPs and the media are looking as foolish as Johnson.

The affair began as kompromat, orchestrated as everyone knows by disgraced spin-doctor Dominic Cummings, who broke the story last year about the “bring your own booze” party, organised by Martin Reynolds, the top Number Ten official.

Now, Johnson may be undisciplined, but I don't want a prime minister who spends his time creeping around offices late at night to see who is drinking after hours. He is not an office manager, he is the leader of the country. He is supposed to be concentrating on higher things – like the pandemic, inflation, the war in Ukraine.

Cummings has been hugely enjoying this farce and not just because it damages his bete noir, the “shopping trolley” who sacked him. It also makes the press pack look utterly ridiculous. I sometimes wonder if they ever listen to themselves. 

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