Climate change protestors have disrupted a meeting of one of the world’s largest asset management groups in Glasgow.  

Activists from Extinction Rebellion sounded fire alarms, interrupted speakers and held a demonstration outside the Vanguard’s Sustainable Life roadshow at the Grand Central Glasgow Hotel this morning.  

The group says the company, which manages investments for wealthy stockholders, is funding the climate crisis by refusing to end new fossil fuel investments. 

It is claimed that Vanguard manages an $8 trillion portfolio, with over $300 billion directly invested in fossil fuels. 

In an interview with the Financial Times, Vanguard CEO Mortimer Buckley recently said: “Our duty is to maximise long-term total returns for clients. Climate change is a material risk but it is only one factor in an investment decision.” 


Outside the hotel, a group of activists gathered with fire alarms to sound the alarm on Vanguard’s investments, gave statements about the impact of the asses management firm’s actions and held a banner reading ‘Vanguard invests billions in fossil fuels”. 

One protestor, Michael Carr, 60, a management consultant, said: "Vanguard investments in fossil fuels are not consistent with world Climate goals. I’m here today to say to investors, Put our children and the planet before profit. Stop investing in fossil fuels.” 

Angela Paton, 49, a carer, added: “Companies like this should tell the truth about where they invest the money of others, not green washing when they have so many get out clauses.  

“I’m carrying out this action to let people hear the truth.”