ANAS Sarwar was warned the standoff between the Scottish and UK governments has “wounded the Devolution Settlement” as he set out Labour’s constitutional vision including abolishing the House of Lords.

Mr Sarwar has launched Labour’s blueprint for the constitution, which includes the House of Lords being replaced by a “Senate of Nations and Regions”, with a report from the party claiming the “unrepresentative makeup” of the second chamber “iso longer justifiable”.

Under the proposal, members of the senate would be “elected on a mandate to represent their nation or region”.

The plans state that “elections should take place at different times to other elections” while “terms lengths should be longer than those of MPs, MSPs and councillors”.

Labour is also setting out plans for a legal duty for the Scottish and UK governments to ensure “conflicting policy outcomes which lead to wasteful uses of public money are avoided”.

The blueprint insists there would be “no requirement for joint decision making” between ministers at Holyrood and Westminster, but governments would be “required to show that opportunities for joint working were sufficiently explored, and that data sharing was taking place as far as possible”.

Labour has pointed to energy, social security, transport and support for refugees as “areas of shared responsibility” for the Scottish and UK governments.

The part has also tabled plans for “joint governance councils” which would be “designed so that every nation operates as an equal – on a parity of esteem” and would have “limited but agreed scope for joint decision making”.

In launching the document, the Scottish Labour leader has claimed that “the political game-playing of recent years has wounded the Devolution Settlement”, adding that “we need these new rules of engagement to heal it”.

Mr Sarwar said that Labour has recognised “there is demand for change” in every national and region of the UK.

He said: “The SNP is wrong when it says the solution is to walk away – that Westminster’s institutions are beyond repair. “The truth is that every layer of government in our country needs changed so that power is closer to people.”

Mr Sarwar added: “In the coming months, Scottish Labour will be launching a series of papers outlining our vision for change for the people of Scotland. “They will outline how we can strengthen Scotland in a reforming, changing, modernising UK. We will address how we deliver better government at all levels. “We will explore how we make Scotland wealthier. We will promote ideas to make Scotland healthier and fairer. We will unveil plans to push powers out of our parliaments and into communities.”

The Glasgow MSP insisted that “we don’t need to divide people to offer change”, adding that “we don’t need a divisive referendum to deliver it”. He said that the initial proposals will “put cooperation and not conflict at the heart of the United Kingdom”. Mr Sarwar said: “In Scotland, the primary function of our parliament should not be to stoke grievance, but to hold the government of the day to account and scrutinise the management of our public services. “And the priority of the Scottish Government should not be to find new ways to pick fights, but to take decisions in the best interests of the people of Scotland. “Unfortunately, today, devolution is being undermined by bad actors – the SNP and the Tories. “But we can introduce change that will require more collaboration and undo the damage inflicted by the SNP and Tories.” Mr Sarwar said the joint governance councils “would be designed to heal the bad relationship that exists today and provide a constructive forum for dispute resolution”.

He said: “Too often, the current UK Government keeps the Scottish Government in the dark. "Too often the current Scottish Government deliberately seeks disagreement with the UK Government. “This does not lead to good governance – it undermines the Union and the Tories and the SNP do it day in, day out.” The Scottish Labour leader pointed to his party’s appeal for abolishing the House of Lords.

He said: “The House of Lords, in its current form, as an institution has no place in 21st century politics. “It is unacceptable, and has been for far too long, to have unelected representatives wielding such power. “The House of Lords must be abolished and replaced with an institution which better reflects the make-up and the identity of the United Kingdom.” He said the elected senate would be “more reflective of modern Britain”. Mr Sarwar added: “Members should be directly elected, with a mandate to represent their nation or region. “And we must learn from international best practice so that our smallest regions, including those within Scotland, have a strong voice in this new institution. “This bold reform would not only deliver better governance, but ensure that those wielding power on behalf of the people are chosen by the people – and sit in an institution which better reflects the diversity of this country.”