NICOLA Sturgeon has warned that UK Government inaction on rising energy bills will lead to loss of life. 

The comments from the First Minister came ahead of a meeting of the Scottish Government's resilience room to discuss further support for households.

Speaking to Bauer Rado while she visited the Lowson Memorial Church’s breakfast club in Forfar, Ms Sturgeon: “When we look ahead at what is projected to happen with energy costs, this is not just a situation of families feeling a squeeze and having to tighten their belts in order to meet higher bills.

“There are going to be many, many families who simply cannot pay these bills because they don’t have the wherewithal to do it.

“That is the magnitude and the severity of the emergency that’s being faced.

“It’s of a different nature to the Covid pandemic but, actually, I think is on a similar scale to the emergency that that created and if it’s not tackled with serious urgent action, we’re going to see increasing deprivation, suffering.

“We’re going to see undoubtedly loss of life.”

She said the Scottish Government would leave “no stone unturned” on the issue.

The First Minister called on the UK to cancel the next rise in the energy price cap and introduce a windfall tax on energy firm profits. She also backed a restructuring of energy companies and the removal of VAT on fuel.

Ms Sturgeon said she agreed with many of the proposals made by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown this morning.

She said: “I stand ready as First Minister to work with the UK Government, but they are missing in action right now while people suffer and suffer in an increasingly severe way.”

The SNP leader said “we perhaps need to hear more from Keir Starmer as well” on action which could be taken at Westminster.

After cancelling the energy bill price cap, she said the UK Government should examine the “root causes” of price rises.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Nadhim Zahawu has said energy companies have agreed to “do more to help the people who most need it."

The promise came after a crisis meeting between providers, the Chancellor, Boris Johnson and Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. 

However, there was no detail on what that help would entail.


The meeting came as energy consultancy Auxilione predicted the price cap could rise to £5,038 in April – more than £200 above previous estimates.