A Scottish Parliament committee is due to take evidence on racism in cricket.

Cricket Scotland was placed into special measures earlier this year after a report found 448 instances of institutional racism, with the entire board of the body quitting 24 hours before the report was released.

An interim review by Sportscotland released last week found that the body was making progress but that a “genuine cultural change” was needed.

On Tuesday, the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee will take evidence from Gordon Arthur, interim chief executive of Cricket Scotland, and Sportscotland CEO Forbes Dunlop.

“The independent review into racism in Scottish cricket made for harrowing reading, and shone a light on an unacceptable culture across the sport,” said committee convener Gillian Martin ahead of the evidence session.

“The need for urgent action and deep reform was clear.

“Our committee is determined to find out if this essential reform has begun and we look forward to hearing from Cricket Scotland and Sportscotland on the steps they are taking to ensure this shameful culture is eradicated completely from across the sport.

“Committee members are steadfast in their conviction that all sport in Scotland should be welcoming, inclusive and diverse, and that no-one should suffer any form of discrimination.”