Deputy First Minister John Swinney has backed Nicola Sturgeon over her comments on the Conservative Party, stating "I associate myself" with her words.

The First Minister stated over the weekend that she "detests" the Tories and "everything they stand for".

While those comments were welcomed by some, others called them divisive with cabinet minister Nadhim Zahawi calling the SNP leader's language "dangerous".

Sturgeon's deputy has supported her though, as he accused the Tories of pursuing an agenda that is damaging for vulnerable people in Britain.

Mr Swinney said on the BBC Breakfast programme: “The First Minister said that she detested Conservative policies and the values of the Conservative Party.

“And I associate myself with those comments.

“Because I think what’s clear is the Conservatives are taking the United Kingdom in a direction which is profoundly damaging for many people in our society.”

Mr Swinney also accused the UK government of not engaging seriously with devolved administrations, insisting he has not received a response to a letter he wrote to Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng to discuss the controversial mini-budget.

He explained: "It’s not just the letter of October 1.

“Over the summer, the finance ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also wrote to the then Chancellor, setting the need for urgent action over the summer to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

“And there hasn’t been a response to that letter either.”