THE Prime Minister was asked to defend Boris Johnson being given a "taxpayer-funded handout" to pay for lawyers to defend his "partying through Covid."

According to reports yesterday, the Cabinet Office has renewed a contract with a law firm to support the former prime minister as he faces a Commons probe into claims he misled parliament over Partygate.


The privileges committee investigation is moving slowly. Oral evidence sessions due to begin last month have been moved back until mid-January.

Ministers have previously said public money is being used to defend Mr Johnson, even though he is no longer a member of the Government, because the inquiry “has potential implications for all future statements by ministers of the crown in current and future administrations”.

During Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions, Kirsty Blackman, the SNP MP for Aberdeen North told the Commons: "Across these islands people are suffering because of the woefully inadequate policies of this UK Tory government.

"They've crashed the economy, left millions in fear of the cold this winter, and are stoking division over striking workers rather than negotiating fair pay deals.

"Why is it that the only people that can rely on this Prime Minister are questionable PPE suppliers in the House of Lords, bankers and former prime ministers getting taxpayer funded handouts to defend their partying through Covid?"

Mr Sunak said the "only people stoking division in our United Kingdom" were the SNP.