Brexiteer and TV host Nigel Farage is to host an episode of his GB News show from Scotland.  

The campaigner has announced he will bring his roadshow to a pub in Aberdeen in April. 

The venue has not yet been revealed due to security concerns, with details revealed 24 hours before the event begins. 

However, tickets for the show have reportedly been sold out – less than 24 hours after going on sale. 

Farage's appearance in the Granite City is part of a seven-stop tour of Britian, and is his only show in Scotland.  

Organisers say tickets cost £1.50, and anyone attending has to sign up in advance and will need photo ID. 

The Brexit campaigner has had an uneasy relationship with Scotland, having to flee Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in a police van in 2013 after being surrounded by protestors.  

He has also rubbished Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to see an independent Scotland join the EU, saying it was the “most dishonest political discourse” he’d ever seen “anywhere in the world.” 

Speaking at a rally in Edinburgh in 2019, Farage said: "Our politics is full of deception because here in Scotland we have the extraordinary situation where Nicola Sturgeon talks about independence. 

"She says that separating from the United Kingdom but staying part of the European Union means that Scotland will be independent. 

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"You cannot be independent if you're governed from the European Court of Justice. You cannot be independent if you're in the EU's customs union and single market. You cannot be independent if you're governed by Monsieur Barnier and Mr Juncker."  


The presenter also called on those who were "genuinely a nationalist" to vote for the Brexit party.

In March, Mr Farage called for a referendum on the government’s target to reach net zero by 2050. 

Instead, he has encouraged a continued focus on oil and gas in the North Sea, as well as other fossil fuels. 

The impending visit has not been well received by local politicians.  


Aberdeen harbour

Aberdeen Central MSP Kevin Stewart told the Press and Journal newspaper: “Aberdeen is a diverse, warm and welcoming city, that has opened its arms to folk from across the world. It is also a city that benefitted hugely from European Union membership. 

“This city represents so much of what Nigel Farage’s politics have tried to tear down. 

“As one of the main architects of a Brexit that Aberdonians overwhelmingly rejected, Farage might not be the most popular of visitors.” 

He added: “Perhaps Farage could use his visit to see the damage that Brexit has done to our city, and admit that it hasn’t worked for Aberdeen.” 

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Aberdeen councillor Deena Tissera also criticised Mr Farage’s decision to come to Aberdeen. 

The Labour Party member said: “I suspect Nigel Farage will be a very lonely boy when he visits Aberdeen as he has absolutely nothing in common with our city or our people.”