Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has said Scotland could ban single-use vapes.

The minister told MSPs that he was setting up an expert group to look at the devices.

The possible ban was raised by Green MSP Gillian Mackay in Parliament on Thursday.

She said they were both a public health and environment impact. 

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“Would the Cabinet Secretary support a ban on single-use vapes?” Ms Mackay asked.

Mr Yousaf said Public Health Scotland is examining the impact of vaping, with an action plan due in autumn this year.

While the World Health Organisation says they undoubtedly harmful to health, there is limited evidence on their long-term impact, he said.

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Mr Yousaf said: “Gillian Mackay is absolutely right, there’s a public health issue that we are exploring and will explore.

“We will ask stakeholders with the relevant expertise to examine the evidence and assess what action the Scottish Government and other partners should take.

“That will include consideration of a potential ban.”

Previously, the UK Vaping Industry Association has said vapes play a "critical role in helping adult smokers quit their habits."