SCOTTISH Labour’s general secretary has warned Nationalist MPs that his party’s candidates “are coming to get ye” at the general election.

James Kelly, who failed to get re-elected as a Glasgow MSP in 2021, named an SNP, an Alba and a former SNP turned Independent MP as among the top targets. 

Speaking at his party’s annual conference in Edinburgh, Mr Kelly said “There’s no doubt that Nicola Sturgeon has got fed up with being First Minister of Scotland.

“But also, all over Scotland, people were getting fed up with the SNP.

“So the next big contest for us is the general election. I’ve got a message for those Nationalist MPs ands their fellow travellers who feebly sat on the Westminster benches - 

"Scottish Labour are coming to get ye.

“So for Patrick Grady in Glasgow North [SNP], your time is up. 

“For Margaret Ferrier in Rutherglen and Hamilton West [former SNP, now Independent], it’s all coming to an end. No more Covid train journeys for you, Margaret. 

“And for Kenny MacAskill in East Lothian [former SNP now Alba], time to send him homewards to think again.” 

Scottish deputy leader Jackie Baillie later said her party intended to oust both Rishi Sunak and the next SNP leader from power.

She told delegates at the Assembly Rooms: “I have always thought that Nicola Sturgeon was a skilful political operator – and it is clear that her instincts remain undiminished. She knew that the time was up for the SNP.

“She knew that her choice was leave now – or be replaced by the Scottish Labour Party.

“Downing Street is in our sights and so too is Bute House. 

“So, I am putting Rishi Sunak and whoever replaces Nicola Sturgeon on notice – Labour is back in business and coming for your jobs.”

Mr Kelly and Ms Baillie were speaking shortly before a new YouGov poll put Labour just two points behind the SNP on Westminster voting intention, at 27 per cent to the SNP's 29% among decided voters.