KATE Forbes looks set to be probed by the SNP's conduct committee after members of the party's LGBTQ+ wing accused her of breaking rules on transphobia.

In an interview with ITV Border, when asked if she believed a trans woman is a woman, the Finance Secretary replied: "I believe that a trans woman is a biological male who identifies as a woman."

That could breach the definition of transphobia adopted by the party's ruling NEC in 2021.

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The document sets out a number of ways in which transphobia may "manifest". 

They include: "deliberately misgendering someone or using phrases or language to suggest their gender identity is not valid, for example referring to a trans woman as a 'biological man'."

Erin Lux, the co-convenor of Out for Independence, the SNP's LGBTQ+ wing, has now submitted a formal complaint to National Secretary Lorna Finn.

If Ms Forbes is found to have breached the rules she could be required to make a formal apology or even be suspended from the party.

Ms Lux told The Herald the comment by the leadership hopeful was a clear breach of the rules.

She said she had been disappointed with the tone of the leadership contest so far: "We have candidates using dehumanising language about the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans people, especially trans women."

Ms Lux said there had been a fear the contest "would increase the level of vitriol against the trans community and that's exactly what we're seeing only a few days in."

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The document outlining the SNP's transphobia definition says it aims to "help guide members on their conduct as well as assisting those who want to support the trans community in calling out transphobic behaviour by others.

"It will also be key in supporting the Party's member conduct processes and ensuring that the SNP remains an inclusive organisation.

"Genuine misunderstandings do happen and should not be considered intentionally transphobic, so any dialogue or action taken to address issues in this context should reflect the lack of intention whilst giving support in the context of any harmful impacts. 

"If someone repeatedly does things which could be considered transphobic, this is less likely to be a genuine misunderstanding, especially if this has previously been highlighted to them and they have been offered information about trans issues and transphobia." 

Ms Forbes and the SNP have been approached for comment.