Humza Yousaf has pledged to hold independence campaign workshops and set up a misinformation unit, if he wins the battle to become the next first minister.

The Health Secretary has vowed that if he replaces Nicola Sturgeon in Bute House, he will establish grassroots workshops within his first three months as SNP leader.

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The independence seminars will be available to all SNP members and will be led collaboratively with key parliamentarians, activists and SNP HQ.

Mr Yousaf will also hold an online Q&A available to all members within his first weeks as party leader - confirming thereafter he will provide monthly electronic updates which members will have the ability to provide feedback on.

The candidate will also oversee setting up a “round the clock rebuttal service” that he said will respond swiftly to any misleading claims against the Yes campaign.

Mr Yousaf said: “I am a son of the SNP family, being practically born into the movement when my father became one of the first Asian members to join in 1974.

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“Our success in recent decades is down to the hard work and graft of our top-class activists who have paved the way for an independent Scotland to now be considered an inevitability.

“I’ve said time and time again that independence will be won on the doorsteps so we have a duty as a party to ensure activists are equipped with the tools they need.”

He added: “As your SNP leader, I commit to an overhaul of the current Yes Scotland campaign - providing in-person and online workshops to our members led by some of the key figures in our party.

“I’ll introduce root and branch improvements of our independence resources to the levels we saw in 2014 and ensure our SNP members have the information to turn No voters to Yes voters at their fingertips.

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“I’ll ensure that as a party we are equipped with the resources required to have a round-the-clock rebuttal service - ready to take on disinformation and opposition attacks within minutes rather than days or weeks.”

Mr Yousaf has pledged to “improve accountability of the leadership” with monthly updates on the SNP’s progress towards independence.

He claimed this move will allow party members “to feedback to me, directly, their views on how we reach our shared goal”.

Mr Yousaf added that under his leadership, he will “enable our members to lead from the front so we can get back out speaking to voters where Scotland’s independence will be won”.