SIR KEIR Starmer will promise to make Scotland “one of the best places to start and grow a business,” if his party forms a government after the next election.

The Labour leader will be in Glasgow this morning with shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves, for a campaign stop focused on the economy.

In comments released ahead of the visit, he warned that Scotland’s “spirit of innovation and creativity” was being “hamstrung” by the current Scottish and UK governments.

He said Nicola Sturgeon’s party had failed to use the economic powers of devolution to deliver for Scotland.

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However, the SNP said Sir Keir’s desire to make Brexit work meant he had “zero credibility” when it came to talking about the Scottish economy.

And the Scottish Conservative party said Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar and his MSPs had “backed the very SNP policies that have stifled economic growth and made Scotland uncompetitive.”

Sir Keir’s visit to the city comes as polls suggest Labour could make significant gains at the next UK election  – expected to be in early 2024.

A Redfield and Wilton tracker released on Wednesday had them on 29 per cent, 10 points behind the SNP and seven points ahead of the Tories.

In 2019, Labour came third in Scotland, taking just 19% of the vote.

Sir Keir and Ms Reeves will be in Cambuslang, which sits in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency.

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It is a key target for the party, with the seat being held by shamed MP Margaret Ferrier.

The ex-SNP politician is being investigated by parliament’s sleaze watchdog over alleged “actions causing significant damage to the reputation” of the House of Commons.

Ferrier admitted to culpably and recklessly exposing the public to Covid-19 last year and was ordered by Glasgow Sheriff Court to carry out 270 hours of community service.

If she is suspended from the Commons for 10 sitting days, she will likely be subject to a recall petition, sparking a by-election.

Speaking ahead of the visit, Sir Keir said Scotland had “always punched above its weight in terms of innovation and creativity.”

“From Alexander Fleming and John Logie Baird to modern revolutions in tidal energy and medical research, the ingenuity of people here has created prosperity, improved lives and transformed the world.

“It is still true today, from electronic entertainment in Dundee to world-leading engineering projects on the Clyde.

“However, the reality is that great spirit of innovation and creativity is hamstrung by two governments who’ve failed to deliver economic prosperity.”

Responding to the comments, SNP Depute Westminster Leader Mhairi Black said Sir Keir was “happy to throw Scotland under Boris Johnson’s Brexit bus, and as such he has zero credibility in talking about Scotland’s economy.”

She added: “Under him and Anas Sarwar, Labour is a pro-Brexit party that would do nothing to reverse the appalling damage the Tories are inflicting on Scotland having dragged us out of the EU.

“Instead Labour stand side by side with the Tories in keeping us locked outside the single market, which is seven times the size of the UK’s.

“It is clearer by the day that the only way for Scotland to flourish is by becoming an independent country and re-joining the European Union.”

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Liz Smith, Scottish Tory shadow cabinet secretary for finance, said Labour would follow “Nicola Sturgeon’s playbook to the letter.”

She said: “The SNP Government’s record on productivity and growth is dreadful, but there’s no reason to think Labour would do any better. Keir Starmer is ignoring the fact that, under Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour has consistently backed the very SNP policies that have stifled economic growth and made Scotland uncompetitive.

“Labour would back further taxes on workers and businesses and continue the SNP nationalisation agenda which has seen hundreds of millions of pounds thrown at failed businesses like Ferguson Marine and BiFab.

“They’ve opposed freeports and joined the nationalists in wanting to close down Scotland’s oil and gas sector as soon as possible.”