SIR Keir Starmer has published his tax return, revealing that he has earned £359,720  since becoming Labour leader, and paid £118,580 to the exchequer. 

His income includes his £126,154 a year salary for being an MP and Leader of the Opposition, and £85,466 earned in capital gains last year

The return shows he paid £23,930 in capital gains tax. 

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In contrast, Mr Sunak made nearly £1.6 million in capital gains, as well as another £172,415 in dividends and paid £432,493 in tax.

Sir Keir shared details of his income on Thursday afternoon a day after Rishi Sunak published a summary of his tax affairs. 

The Labour leader said his capital gains were linked to the sale of a house he helped his sister buy.

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Meanwhile, in a separate development, he was branded a “pound-shop Tory tribute act” by the SNP after he praised Margaret Thatcher in a speech on law and order. 

Mhairi Black said the comment from the Labour leader would leave people in Scotland “appalled.”

The opposition leader namechecked the former Tory Prime Minister as he vowed to halve knife crime, reduce levels of violence against women and girls and see more offenders prosecuted in England. 

Speaking in Stoke-on-Trent, Sir Keir said: "Nothing is more important - more fundamental - to a democracy like ours. The rule of law is the foundation for everything.

"Margaret Thatcher called it the 'first duty of government' - she was right. An expression of individual liberty - our rights and responsibilities, but also of justice, of fairness, of equality - one rule for all.”

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He used his speech to say Labour was now the "party of law and order" and accused the Conservatives of being out of touch.

Ms Black said: "People in Scotland will be appalled that Keir Starmer is taking his lead from Margaret Thatcher, who left lasting scars on our communities.

"Under Starmer, the pro-Brexit Labour Party has lurched to the right, and is now little more than a pound-shop Tory tribute act - copying Tory policies and quoting Tory Prime Ministers.

"Whether it's denying Scotland's democracy, ruling out any return to the EU, backing Tory cuts to public sector pay and benefits, attacking migration, or signalling greater privatisation of the NHS - the Labour Party has become a pale imitation of the Tories.”

Conservative MPs branded the Labour leader "soft" on justice.

Policing minister Chris Philp said Labour “would rather campaign to stop the deportation of dangerous foreign criminals than try to protect the British public. It’s a disgrace."