Rishi Sunak will insist his Conservative government in Westminster is delivering for Scotland and the whole of the UK as he accused the SNP administration at Holyrood of focusing on “constitutional abstractions”.

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The Prime Minister will address party members, MSPs and MPs at the Scottish Conservative conference in Glasgow on Friday.

Mr Sunak is expected to tell delegates: “It is time for a government at Holyrood that focuses on Scotland’s real priorities, not constitutional abstractions. 

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“We, the UK Government, will get on with delivering for Scotland and the whole UK.”

During his morning speech at the Scottish Events Campus, Mr Sunak will tell attendees that he has “five priorities and they’re priorities for the whole of UK”.

“I want to halve inflation, grow the economy, reduce debt, cut waiting lists – which I know is the Scottish Government’s responsibility – and stop the boats,” he is expected to say.

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After his speech, the Prime Minister is set to travel to Newport where he will speak at the Welsh Conservative Conference.